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Would you rather live alone or with others? When I think about mom, before and after we moved in, there was a change in her. I’m not an expert on loneliness, but I do believe it affected her health greatly. Before, mom was a bit hunched over, didn’t smile much and seemed a bit depressed, …

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Nursing Homes

Following mom’s open-heart surgery she was sent to a nursing home for recovery. However, the hospital she was at had an excellent cardio rehab, but her Medicare or Medi-Cal didn’t cover it. Why would that be? It only covers her ICU recovery and surgery, but not the rehab. Don’t get me started. I had been …

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For me, February is a short month and jam-packed with celebration. Valentine’s day gets outshined by the celebration of Chinese New Year and mom’s birthday. There is no better way to celebrate than with lots of good Chinese Food! It was and still is a fond memory for me. February is the month of reconnecting …

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