About Me

I’m a Mom

Okay, this picture was taken years ago! I actually have two teen kids. My son is now 13 and my daughter is 17, but sadly I just don’t have an updated photo of us all but when I do, I will surely update this photo! Now I’m 50 and find myself caught in this sandwich generation of raising my teenage kids while taking care of my elderly mom who is slowly losing her memory as I slowly lose my mind while trying to manage it all. Oh, I know YOU know what I mean, don’t you? In all seriousness, my mom had a heart attack this past year that lead to open-heart surgery and she has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Going back to a full-time corporate job is not an option. Can you relate?

I’m an Interior Designer

I’ve spent the last 20 plus years designing office spaces & beautiful building lobbies & just in the past 6 years, I added residential design to my repertoire. So, why you ask, am I not writing a killer blog on the latest design trends? Well, something, actually, someone tugged at my heart.

Falling into this sandwich generation didn’t give me much choice but to start my own business, which I sort of already did, but only part-time. In the search for how to better my own business while managing my life better, I fell onto a website, Footprints of Inspiration, that focused not only on time-blocking (shamefully, I had never heard of this concept til now but it sure does work!), it also had inspirational scripture readings. Tammy is the creator of this blog. As a new member I was asked to introduce myself and in doing so, to my surprise, I found myself writing about being stuck in this sandwich generation out of now where. It was like an out-of-body experience. Tammy personally wrote me back and asked if I’d ever thought about writing a blog? My answer: not in a million years!

Tammy shared this quote that truly resonated with me: “Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide.” I love this whole idea of paying it forward, don’t you? And then she asked me, ‘do you wake up thinking about design or do you wake up wanting to help others?’ Well, I guess you know the answer to that. This is my year to find purpose and passion. I’ve always been a philanthropist at heart, so here I am, ready to share my story in hopes to help you not make all the same mistakes I made! But even if you did, I’m also here to say “it’s okay“.

Tell a story of the mountain you climbed. Your words can become a page in someon else’s survival guide

-Morgan Harper Nichols

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